Adaptive Sailing Equipment

Many sailors will need assistance getting into and out of their sailboats. There are other items that assist with steering the sailboat, trimming sails, comfort within, safety and more. Most of those items are covered below.

Dock Lifts for Boarding Sailors

When needed, sailors will be transferred to the boats via our portable lifts. At each of our sailing and training venues there will be a concrete sleeve or Wood Deck Anchor permanently mounted in the dock or pool deck to accept this lift. The video below shows a lift similar to the types we use.

About SailAnyWay

The SailAnyWay "fleet" consists of sailboats that are specifically designed or modified to be sailed by people with restricted mobility. Our fleet also includes power boats for towing, escorting, safety and coaching platforms. 


Our Curriculum

an image         Our "phased" training curriculum assumes all participants are new to sailing so it starts at the beginning but progresses at a very rapid pace. 


Companion Sailing

Companion Sailing (w/test sail and Fitting) is for people with limited mobility or visual impairment that think they might like to participate in our fishing and crabbing program that teaches kids how to catch blue crabs


Solo Sailing

an image         Sailing Solo is for anyone that intends to sail solo in any of SailAnyWay's sailboats. Activities at this level are primarily on-the-water training.


Our Organization

SailAnyWay is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that converts non-sailors into competitive sailors. Our program is available exclusively to people with disabilities that would typically prevent them from safely boarding or operating a single-handed sailboat.

SailAnyWay is a sail "training" organization focusing on people with physical disabilities. We provide boats, lifts, slings, dockside transfers and the volunteer instructors so they can learn the basics of sailing, fishing and crabbing. We do this asking only in return that the sailor also commits to the learning process.